Tuesday, 29 November 2011

More Movie War Megamax! Spoilers!

Read at your very own risk :D
  • At the final battle, there was a medley of WBX, Anything Goes and Switch On. Eiji was singing in the chorus.
  • It was kind of a rushed movie. They crammed in so many things that were unnecessary. The 7 Legendary Riders are just there. At the start, they turn into Switches and Medals. The Switches were just laughable. At the end, they used their special attacks.
  • The 7 Riders come back, when Fourze and OOO inserts the Switches and Medals to their belts.
  • Shotaro is being chased by Foundation X, Philip is searching for information about a local dish from Hachinohe. Shotaro transforms into Joker. Meteor appears after credits, kind of like Accel.
  • Nadeshiko is the cosmic space energy SOLU that has taken a human form. It sees Fourze and creates its own belt and Switches. It's also the one who created Mega Burger Meal.
  • Super Galaxy King gets a hold of all the SOLU energy, Nadeshiko disappears and Gentaro goes all emo. At the end, the real Nadeshiko appears.

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