Saturday, 11 June 2011

OCC 01-Kamen Rider OOO [Tatoba Combo]

This series works on a simple 'peg-and-hole' system. It's really simple, but I have to say, pretty effective. Pegs are for the head and leg parts; the torso parts are where the holes for you to peg in are.
The way to separate the parts is by a button on the back, cleverly disguised as part of the back of OOO's suit.

Close-up on how the figure looks unpainted, along with the OOO Scanner and OOO Medajalibur
Intricate details on the legs, which I had initially wanted to black-line but didn't do so in the end.

After Repainting It...

The Combo Change figure are slightly bigger then the S.H. Figuarts figures... But it'd size up nicely with the slightly bigger S.H. Figuarts, like Kamen Rider Kuuga (Ultimate Form) for example.

Sadly, the OOO Scanner on the waist is not detachable. And there's the 'growing larger' syndrome with the OOO Scanner.

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