Friday, 10 June 2011

OCC 07-Kamen Rider OOO [Shauta Combo]

Wait, what happened to OCC 06? You sure you got the number right there? Yeah, I got the number right alright. I skipped OCC 06. Set 6 is actually Kamen Rider Birth + CLAWs System; but there were so many QC issues that people pointed out that I decided to give it a miss. Besides, the Birth figure looks like crap, and the CLAWs doesn’t look that great. If I really wanted one, I could just get the exclusive Figuarts version of the CLAWs System. At least that’s more value for money. Now for the review…

As with the previous OCC sets, I painted in the OOO Driver, and the OOO Scanner at the waist. I proceeded to black-line all the ‘tako’ suctions on the leg, and did a bit of panel lining on the arms as well. Of course, I painted in the blue line at the back of the figure.

                                     Sha-Sha-Sha-U-Ta! Sha-Sha-Sha-U-Ta!


  1. waa..bestnya..kalo dpt sume~model kid..hehe

  2. ye memang sangat best tak payah susah nak beli S.H Figure