Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Transformers Exosuit with Spike and Daniel Spotted at Model Expo


Fans of the original Transformers animated movie will certainly remember seeing the adult version of Spike and his son Daniel running around in special Exosuits (called Excel Suits in Japan). CM's corporation has shown at the Miyazawa Model Expo Autumn 2013 a first look at their take on the Exosuit complete with adult Spike and his son Daniel.

The Exosuit is even transformable into its vehicle form. While you can't fit Spike or Daniel inside the suit, if you look closely you'll notice seams on their bodies where you can remove their heads and parts of their chest to place inside the Exosuit to make it look like they're piloting it.

As a bonus there are two rather strange and obscure items also being featured. The first is a mini figure of Grand Galvatron, basically Unicron's planet mode with Galvatron's head and limbs sticking out. It comes from an unrealized plan by Galvatron to turn Earth into his new planet-sized body. The other thing hanging there is, seriously, a floppy disc. It's supposed to contain the data for the Master Sword, the ultimate weapon of Fortress Maximus in The Headmaster series.

Source: via Tomopop

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