Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Legend Of Korra: New Faces In Book Three

 Are you ready to meet the new characters from Legend Of Korra: Book Three? Check out Korra's crazy new company and foes!

First up is Zaheer, This dangerous warrior-poet is the master of mind, body and spirit. Now that he's an Airbender, Zaheer is an even bigger threat to the Avatar.

 Next is Ghazan is a powerful Earthbender with the rare ability to lavabend. He's been imprisoned for thirteen years and is prepared to fight.

 Ming-Hua, she use her waterbending abilities to create powerful appendages that help her defeat her enemies. She is one of the most fearsome benders around.

Queen Hou-Ting This queen's ego is bigger than all of Earth Kingdom, which she unfortunately rules. She cares more about her possessions than her people.

 Kai- Don't let his scrappy appearance fool you. This orphan of the Earth Kingdom just discovered his Airbending abilities, and he's ready to fight.

 And not to forget Lord Zuko. He is the retired Fire Lord and an incredibly intimidating Firebender. Though he lives on Ember Island, he still travels as an ambassador for world balance.

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