Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Avatar The Last Airbender: Legend Of Korra, Panel News

The Last Airbender Legend Of Korra just had its panel. Here is the information we got from the panel:
The day before the panel this poster was given out to attendees

And the shows name was revealed along with the Title Logo

Here's the preview trailer...


We will see a flashback to 5 young Korra in the first episode, with Cora Baker doing the voice.


  • Mako is older he is the brooding one (not as much as Zuko), Bolin is the goofy one, Naive. With Bolin they got to incorporate some of the original male Toph’s character
  • Korra’s Polar Bear Dog is name Naga

  • Bolin’s animal is named Paloo, He is a Red Panda Black Footed Ferret known as a Fire Ferret in the show
  • There are new species of Flying Lemurs, Ring Tailed Wing Lemur, they come more into play in season 2
  • Aang finds a heard of Sky Bison after the war, Slightly different design

  • Aang and Katara have 3 kids, Tenzin is the youngest and the only Airbender
  • They live on an island of the coast of republic City, Air Temple Island (I think)
  • He himself has 3 kids of his own, Ikki, Jinora and Meelo. His Wife is Pema  (Non bender)who is pregnant. All 3 kids are Airbenders.
  • Tenzin has a beard and is serious and is good with the kids.
  • Jinora is a bookworm and the eldest
  • Ikki is fun and crazy and a fast talker
  • Meelo is the youngest


The revolution group is called The Equalists, lead by the masked man in the poster above named Avon/Amon(it was hard to hear)

His henchmen are Chi Blockers, all masked

  • There are Metalbender Cops who were trained by Toph (who travels around teaching elite Earthbenders the ability, a Metalbender Swat team), they have spools on their backs that have metal chains in them, so they can Zip around teh city
  • Toph has a daughter who is Chief of Police
  • There is Professional Bending fights between Teams of 3 benders (one of each bending discipline, I presume Airbenders are not yet high in numbers) in arenas, Epic fights
  • Josh Middleton who drew the poster of Korra on Naga has come on board for the second season of Korra, as is Lauren Montgomery
  • First Season is 12 episodes, Second is 14 episodes,
  • For these Pro bending fights they have brought in new martial arts (Mixed Martial Arts), they brought in to help with MMA Mac Danzig and Jeremy Umphries  along with the returning Sifu Kisu. And there is a parkour/freerunning aspect in the fights to with Jake Huang and Steve Terada helping out there.
  • On the music side of things, The style they are going for is if China invented Jazz in the 20′s, also Western and Ethical music
  • The panelists urged fans to contact Nickelodeon about the need for an ATLA soundtrack and mentioned multiple times how dedicated Avatar fans are.
  • No Premiere Date yet