Tuesday, 19 July 2011

S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Ketaros Review

To basically put that entire sentence into one line, S.H. Figuarts are a line of models that give you great posability that makes the figure more human-like. The S.H Figuart line costs around RM90~120 on average, and a lot more from the web exclusive versions of course. But trust me, the figure is worth the money you pay. Enough talk, pictures time!
First, the the box and packaging. You have note the simplicity, yet beauty behind the packaging.

If you're wondering how the model is able to incorparate so much detail and posability, just look at the materials used to build it. ABS, PVC, POM and diecast parts all come together to give this model it's beauty.

                             It also came with its own "Zect Kunai Gun: Kunai Mode"

Look at the right foot of the model in the last picture. That's the toe joint at work! The many articulation points of the model gives it many for posing!

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