Wednesday, 27 July 2011

S.H.Figuarts Garo Review

Yeah, I know it has been a while since the last review. But fret not, from next week onwards, things should be back to normal. In the mean time, enjoy this review of a Figuart-ised Golden Knight, GARO.


really dig this box design. The silver “GARO” wordings are reflective, and there’s a nice gloss black to the box. The visage of GARO at the side of the box is really nicely done, and blends in perfectly with the gloss black in my opinion. This box is actually rather large. It’s twice the size of a regular Figuarts box. For Kamen Rider collectors out there, it’s about the same size as one of the “Kamen Rider W Sets”.



The sculpt on this figure is amazing. Everything, from the details on the face, the fierce look of the face, to the sole of the feet, the metal studs all over the body, the very detailed carvings that’s very show accurate. Heck, they even sculpted GARO’s trusty ring, Zaruba on the left fist and left hand options!

GARO comes with a good number of accessories. Besides the figure, you get the cape, the sword and its sheath, a pair of holding things hands, a pair of open hands, and a left hand option for holding the sheath. I’m wondering why there’s no right hand option for holding the sheath. Though I don’t remember many scenes where GARO holds it with the right hand.



If memory serves me well, GARO came in as one of the top three in some voting contest held during one of the Tamashii Nations Festival thingy. GARO was number three, I think, in the “S.H. Figuarts Origins” section. After almost a whole year, we finally get the figure in real life.

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