Saturday, 31 December 2011

"Mirror Fight 2012" Mirror Knight decision making?

 DVD was released from the start, "Mirror Man"We entered the memorial year of the 40th anniversary of the start of broadcasting.
Vol.1 ~ 9 on the DVD, a special movie, from April to September 1974, Tokyo 12 Channel (now Tokyo) Legendary broadcast Monday through Friday between 18:20 to 18:27 in band program, "Miller Fight" (all 65 story) and then recorded.

"Miller Fight", the "Mirror Man" and editorial fighting part of the show one piece mini-digest of 5 minutes was taken to a new configuration, or subtitle and with impact, live coverage by Akira Yokoyama, Osan surreal and unique world narrated by the wind, shocked viewers people.
 And! What this time, "Mirror Man" to commemorate the 40th anniversary of broadcasting, "Miller Fight 'new work, It's called" Mirror Fight 2012 "to determine the production! Upon taking the completely new 37 years, dared location in Kyushu. Manda of the hole and Arao, Kumamoto Prefecture, was held at Ultraman Land shooting.


 Manda hole 1904 (1904), Korea's largest hard-hole commenced operations on. 1997 (1997) runs until 2000 (2000) is coal mining facilities are named after the only national history, 2009 (2009) in the world (culture) Interim National Heritage List added to. In addition, land Ultraman hero and events he works Tsuburaya, amusement theme park with other shops. Set in a different location in quaint historic sites and cultural theme park, the mirror man, a monster, 繰Ri広Gemasu a new battle!

In addition, as a tribute to the heroes of this work is the mirror man movie "Super Battle Ultraman Zero THE MOVIE! Belial Galactic Empire "(2010) that appeared in the Mirror Knight Knight war emergency mirror! Old hero, played one of the big highlights of the dream.
 The "Mirror Fight 2012," the DVD will "mirror man" Vol.10's (released April 21, 2012) will be included! In addition, The Scoop! Prior to recording to DVD, YouTube "channel Ultra" video smiling and "powered by Tsuburaya tokusatsu smiling," will be released ahead of the story of some number between the end of 2011 in the New Year 2012! Everyone, please stay tuned!

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