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OOO Combos

 After Eiji inserts three Core Medals into the OOO Driver belt, scans them with the O Scanner, and then holds the O Scanner up to his chest, he transforms into Kamen Rider OOO. Kamen Rider OOO has multiple combinations of powers called Combos. Each aspect of a Combo gives Kamen Rider OOO different powers and weaknesses. In a fight, if a particular section of Kamen Rider OOO is damaged significantly, the power will cut off completely and the section's corresponding Medal will be forcefully ejected from the OOO Driver, canceling the transformation. In addition, single-colored Combos are incredibly taxing on Eiji's body, as they embody the full power of the corresponding Greeed, though Eiji has recently noted that his body is "getting used to the power". Except for Tatoba Combo, the only combinations with "Combo" in their name are those of a single color.
 Tatoba Combo
Tatoba Combo is also known as the "Multi Combo", is Kamen Rider OOO's main combination, using the powers of the Taka (Hawk), Tora (Tiger), and Batta (Grasshopper) Medals. As the Tatoba Combo, Kamen Rider OOO can see far distances, use the Tora Claw gauntlets, and can jump and kick with great strength. This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is called the Tatoba Kick, where after jumping high up with the power of the Batta Legs, he descends with a drop kick through the three rings that form, surrounding him with a different aura based on the three Medals.

 Gatakiriba Combo
Gatakiriba Combo is also known as the "Strongest Combo" and is Kamen Rider OOO's green combination, using the powers of Uva's Core Medals: Kuwagata (Stag Beetle), Kamakiri (*Praying Mantis)*, and Batta (Grasshopper). As Gatakiriba Combo, he can create massive numbers of duplicates of himself, use the Kamakiri Swords, and jump high with the Batta Legs. However, Eiji claims it is extremely difficult to revert back to being just a single Kamen Rider OOO so that he can cancel the transformation. This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is the Gatakiriba Kick Rider Kick, where he and his many duplicates all jump into the air and converge on the opponent, reintegrating back to one after hitting the target.

  Latorartar Combo
Latorartar Combo is also known as the "Scorching Combo" and it is Kamen Rider OOO's yellow combination, using the powers of Kazari's Core Medals: Lion, Tora (Tiger), and Cheetah. As Latorartar Combo, he can emit light intense enough to incinerate, use the Tora Claws and use the Cheetah Legs to run at blurring speeds and perform a rapid barrage of kicks. One of his attacks in this Combo is the Revol Spin Kick. This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is Liodias, where Kamen Rider OOO projects

  Sagohzo Combo
Sagohzo Combo (サゴーゾコンボ Sagōzo Konbo?), also known as the "Gravity Combo" (重力コンボ Jūryoku Konbo?), is Kamen Rider OOO's gray combination, using the powers of Gamel's Core Medals: Sai, Gorilla, and Zo. As Sagohzo Combo, Kamen Rider OOO gains superhuman strength and gravity manipulation from the medals, able to create powerful shock waves by banging his Gorilla Arms against his chest, execute strong headbutt attacks, use the Gori Bagōn, and cause minor earthquakes with the Zo Legs. Some of his attacks in this Combo are the Bagōn Pressure (バゴーンプレッシャー Bagōn Puresshā?), where the Gori Bagōn gauntlets are launched from his arms, and a powerful dropping attack called the Zuō Stomp (ズオーストンプ Zuō Sutonpu?). This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is the Sagohzo Impact (サゴーゾインパクト Sagōzo Inpakuto?), where Kamen Rider OOO jumps in the air and does a powerful stomp, which traps a Yummy in the ground, pulling it towards him so he can deliver a powerful double handed punch and headbutt at the same time.

 Tajadol Combo
Tajadol Combo is also known as the "Blazing Combo" and is Kamen Rider OOO's red combination, using the powers of Ankh's Core Medals: Taka (Hawk), Kujaku (Peacock), and Condol (Condor). As Tajadol Combo, he can see far distances, create energy peacock tail feathers as projectiles to throw at opponents, use the Kujaku Wings to fly, shoot streams of fire and use the talon-like attachments of the Condol Legs. In addition, he is armed with the Taja Spinner, which can shoot fire disks. Giga Scan can be done by replacing some of the Cell Medals in the Spinner with Core Medals, then scanning it with the OOO Scanner. This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is the Prominence Drop Rider Kick, where after sprouting wings from the Kujaku Arms, he flies into the air, flips around and performs a flying drop kick on the target with the Condol Legs extending its talons as he ignites. The downside of this combo being that it is even more taxing on Eiji's body, with him beginning to collapse after prolong use before even canceling the transformation. Though he first uses this Combo to fight the Lion-Kurage Yummy in episode 20, Tajadol Combo debuts during the events of Movie War Core to finish Kamen Rider Core alongside Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker Gold Xtreme.

  Shauta Combo
Shauta Combo (シャウタコンボ Shauta Konbo?), also known as the "Marine Combo" (海のコンボ Umi no Konbo?), is Kamen Rider OOO's blue combination, using the powers of Mezool's Core Medals: Shachi, Denki Unagi, and Tako. As Shauta Combo, Kamen Rider OOO gains the ability to liquefy his body, excels in underwater combat, can spray jets of water, emit and receive sonic waves, use the Denki Unagi Whips, and the Tako Legs' tentacle-themed powers. One of his attacks in this Combo is the Voltarm Whip (ボルタームウィップ Borutāmu Wippu?). This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is a Rider Kick called the Octo Banish (オクトバニッシュ Okuto Banisshu?), where Kamen Rider OOO liquefies his body and goes airborne, then uses the Denki Unagi Whips to bind and throw the opponent up, finally finishing it with his Tako Legs forming a drill to burst through the opponent.[11]

 In addition to the above Combos, there are also Random Combos consisting of any other combination of three Core Medals such as Takajaba, Takakiriba, Takakirietar, Takatoradol, Takatoratar, Takagoriba, Takagorita, Takuba, Takautar, Lakiriba, Lakirietar, Gatatoraba, Latoraba, Latorazo, and others.

 Putotyra Combo
Putotyra Combo (プトティラコンボ Putotira Konbo?), also known as the "Invincible Combo" (無敵のコンボ Muteki no Konbo?), is Kamen Rider OOO's purple combination using the powers of the purple Core Medals that forced themselves into Eiji's body: Ptera, Torikera, and Tyranno. Though it is the most powerful form that Kamen Rider OOO can assume, it originally turns Eiji into a mindless beast who attacks friend and foe alike as soon as the combo is activated. He eventually manages to exert his will over the purple Core Medals, but he still suffers from the physical strain resulting from Combo use, and is still at risk of "letting himself go" if he does not consciously keep control. As a result of the purple Medals residing in his body, Eiji is undergoing a process known as "Greeedification", gradually turning into a Greeed. The Putotyra Combo has a power that is capable of destroying or damaging Core Medals. After Eiji gains two more Purple Medals, he can access this from in the usual way or straight into Putotyra while in Greeed form. As Putotyra Combo, Kamen Rider OOO can freeze opponents with a cold wind, use the wing-like External Fins on the Ptera Head to fly, use the Wind Stingers that can extend and attack the enemy from far, and is armed with the Tail Divider that can deliver a powerful blow and the Legsteranail claws for powerful kicks. In addition, he is armed with the Medagabryu. A Putotyranno Hissatsu can be done by placing Cell Medals in the Axe Mode's slot, then closing the hatch. This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is the Blasting Freezer (ブラスティングフリーザ Burasutingu Furīzā?), where Kamen Rider OOO restrains the target with the Wind Stingers, then uses the External Fins to freeze it, and finally shatters the frozen target with the Tail Divider. Unlike other Combos, the OOO Armor becomes white and cannot mix-and-match with other Medals, due to their Medals' nature as the antithesis of desire negating the power of the other Core Medals, and it is announced by the call "Putotyrannosaurus" (プトティラノザウルス Putotiranozaurusu?) rather than its name "Putotyra".
Burakawani Combo
 Burakawani Combo (ブラカワニコンボ Burakawani Konbo?) is Kamen Rider OOO's orange combination that will appear in the film Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful: The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals. It uses the powers of the three reptile-themed Core Medals: Cobra, Kame, and Wani, that were last known to be in the possession of Tokugawa Yoshimune. But when Eiji and company appear in Edo due to a time distortion caused by Gara, Eiji gains the Core Medals during his battle against the Nue Yummy. Burakawani Combo's body is covered in a substance called Soma Venom (ソーマ・ヴェノム Sōma Venomu?), which makes him able to heal instantly after taking any attack. As Burakawani Combo, Kamen Rider OOO's eyesight is doubled and gains infra-red vision, uses the turtle shell-like Goura Guardner, which can be put together to form an energy shield called the Gora Shielduo (ゴーラシールデュオ Gōra Shīruduo?), and use the Saw Deadscythers on his legs to cut enemies. In addition, he is armed with the Burahngi, which lets him summon a giant cobra from the top of his head to attack enemies. This Combo's Scanning Charge finisher is a Rider Kick called the Warning Ride (ワーニングライド Wāningu Raido?), where Kamen Rider OOO projects three orange rings in front of him before dashing through them in a foot-first slide, unleashing a powerful kick with the Saw Deadscythers.

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