Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sagitarius Zodiart Revealed!


 With only three remaining Horoscopes left, it is time for Chairman Mitsuaki Gamou to transform into the Sagittarius Zodiarts in next week's episode of Kamen Rider Fourze! Here's the latest information about this Horoscope.

As revealed in the previous episodes, Amanogawa High's Chairman, Mitsuaki Gamou is the Sagittarius Zodiarts. Though Leo was originally considered to be as the strongest Horoscope, his boss, Sagittarius is a much stronger foe as they are unable to even compare with his strength.

Though Fourze and Meteor are in their strongest forms, namely Fourze Cosmic States and Meteor Storm, it seems that they have no match against Sagittarius' raw power as he easily blocks Fourze's Barizun Sword and Meteor's Meteor Shaft!

And yes, our heroes can't even land a scratch on Sagittarius. No matter how hard they try, Sagittarius is still standing unhurt. Will this be the end of our heroes? In other news, Gemini Zodiarts uses cards as his personal weapon and as always, his identity is still unknown as of the moment.

The series will later feature Yuki Joujima's crazy family! The family dresses up in various stereotypical outfits to match the food they are eating. When they are eating Chinese food, they wear traditional Chinese clothing or when they are are eating Indian food, they’ll match it up with Indian clothing.

Expect that all of this will happen this July!

Source: Henshin Justice via Orends: Range

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