Saturday, 27 August 2011

Figure-Oh! Magazine-September Issue


New School, New Hero, New Style!

Uchuu Kitaaaa!

Just like Kamen Rider Double/W apparel, Kamen Rider Fourze will have one too. In stead of WindScale product this will be realease coming November or December 2011.

Why Kamen Rider Fourze DX belt is expensive? is because, the belt has a LCD screen and a Figure of Fourze will appear when you henshin. It will change colours depend on what Module Switch you use. As you can above, theres a picture of a box for DX Kamen Rider Fourze belt.

Alot of New Toys are coming thisseptember so, get you pocket money ready.

FMC (Fourze Module Change) will also release this September along with Burakawani, Fourze, Ankh and OOO Tamashii Figure.

New Ganbaride card are coming too. If look at the top left picture there, theres this new card with 2 riders on it. 

More new Ganbaride cards including Fourze!

More new AR Cardass for your iPhone!

September is gonna be a Wallet Breaking! month!. XD

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