Monday, 22 August 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze: Youth Transformation! Rocket Rider!


With Kamen Rider OOO Ending, Kamen Rider Fourze will move On! to the next Kamen Rider Line

Episode 1: Blue - Spring - Strange - Body
Gentaro is a new transfer student and is put in Yuuki's and Kengo's class. The first he says is to become friends with everyone. While the Captain of the American Football club was attacked by a monster known as the Orion Zodiart, Kengo is to weak to fight, decides to gamble gives Gentaro the Fourze Driver along with four Astro Switches.
*If you put the four separate words of the title together, it'll form a sentence, "Youth Transformation"
Episode 2: Eaves - Space - Upper - Class
While fighting the Orion Zodiart, Gentaro tries to figure out various strategies to fight with. He discovers that he had to turn "OFF" the Zodiart Switch to defeat a Zodiart. Later, Gentaro went to outer space through a magic locker a.k.a the Rabbit Hatch. Gentaro decide to protect his school and form the Kamen Rider Club.
Some Scan's on the next few episode of Kamen Rider Fourze

 As Owner of the Fourze belt, Kengo tries to be Kamen Rider Fourze. He does reminds me when Gotou really wants to be Kamen Rider Birth.

The mysterious guy with red eye that gives out Zodiart Switches!

Zodiarts Switch (Reminds me of  Kamen Rider Double Dopant memory and a spray tin)
Overall Kamen Rider Fourze is gonna be a great series!

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