Friday, 26 August 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze: Astro Switches & Zodiart Revealed!

The list of Astro Switches and their respective functions. This picture listed the following Switches: Launcher Module, Radar Module, Camera Module, Chainsaw Module, Drill Module, Magichand Module, and the Parachute Modul.

Foodroid have the same function as Memory Gadget. Fourze using Chainsaw Module

I love this part here. Just like a real Astronaut, Fourze bike can be lauched to space by using the Power Dizer.
Spoiler: This is how Fourze goes to space in the first episode. 

Just like Kamen Rider Double/W Fourze will have a sub boss. On the right are the gang of Mysterious Zodiarts namelty the Scorpio, Virgo, Leo and Libra Zodiarts. Fourze will have 12 Zodiarts boss. On the bottom right picture, you can see the Zodiart Switches, Top one is for the boss (Like Claydoll & Nazca Dopant) and the lower ones are for the minions (Like T-Rex & Magma Dopant). Those Zodiart wears cloak, but i have a feeling that they have a true form.

Premier this September 4th.

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