Sunday, 21 August 2011

S.H.Figuarts Ankh Stand Set Review

The earlier released “Final Form Ride” Blade Blade and Kiva Arrow figures are exclusive releases, whereas the earlier Unkh from the first wave of the Figuarts Kamen Rider OOO (TaToBa) combo can also be considered as an exclusive, as it was only released with the first release edition of the Figuarts TaToBa combo.

This box is actually pretty small. I forgot to take a photo to compare it with a regularly sized S.H. Figuarts box. It shares almost the same width as most Figuarts boxes, but has half the height. It has the same length as most Figuarts boxes. I like how the box has the TaToBa ‘symbol/coloured rings’ on the left side, and how the entire box has the TaToBa/Ankh gradient colours. It’s eye-catching, and doesn’t take up too much space in your cupboard.

Besides the Ankh hand itself, we have a few accessories included in this release of Ankh. We have a stand (naturally, since it’s a stand set). If you have Tamashii STAGE Acts (aka the Tamashii Stands), you’d realise that there are ‘holes’ in the places where you plug the stand into. Small bits of ‘plugs’ have been included to fill in the holes in the stand if you are not pegging in the two Cell Medal option parts. We also have connector joints for the stand. The newer Tamashii STAGE Acts (STAGE Act 4 to be exact), has ‘connector ports’, meaning you can join multiple base pieces together to form a larger stand. I wished the stand provided here had some special design like the earlier released Unkh stand. But I guess with the lousier pain on the older Unkh hand, the special stand provided earlier on would suffice as an ‘exclusive’ release. Besides the emotive/signature pose in which Ankh’s hand is in, Ankh also comes with a ‘rage’ open hand, a fist, a hand holding those ice pops, and a hand holding the TaToBa medals. Compared to the earlier released bonus Unkh which only had a special ‘Unkh’ stand, this release is pretty fun packed.


S.H. Figuarts Ankh Stand Set is a nice change of pace from the regular humanoid releases of Figuarts. It retails at 1,575 Yen (RM58). Is this worth the money? Well, maybe? If you like something nice to go along with your Kamen Rider OOO figures, this is one good option to have. It’s nicely and better painted than the ‘exclusive’ Unkh, and has more accessories to boot. It’s nice to see it displayed alongside the Figuarts OOO figures, since they are in scale. Ankh can plug into the figma figures pretty well too, so you can have crazy anime/Rider crossovers and what not with Ankh as well. As a toy, it’s pretty fun to mess around with. Paying RM58 for a figure that has a few accessories and only a wrist joint may not work for some. But if you can find it for real cheap, get it. It’s a fun and small piece to mess around with.

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