Friday, 4 May 2012

Live-Action "Mazinger Z" Adaption In The Works?


Legendary producer and director Go Nagai has featured heavily in Japanese animation, with the majority of his work resonationg across generations, from Devilman, Cutey Honey and Mazinger Z which are held up as great examples of the man's work during his heyday in the 70's.

 Cutey Honey

Now, during an appearance at a Spanish convention in Barcelona, the man himself has confirmed that negotiations are underway to produce a new live-action adaptation of the iconic series which would be the result of a new production by a yet to be confirmed Japanese company and the possibility of a European co-production partner, as Go Nagai productions have historically proven more popular in Europe and Latin America than in the US.


While nothing has been confirmed in terms of partners or even the shape of the new production other than his nephew being in charge, Nagai expressed hope that he would be able to make the announcement to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the animated series next year, provided the negotiations prove successful.

Source: Crunchyroll via Deculture

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