Monday, 28 May 2012

Taurus Zodiarts Revealed!, Kamen Rider Meteor Golf Match!


 As we get to see more Aquarius Zodiart in the recent episodes, starting next month in Kamen Rider Fourze, another Horoscope is scheduled to debut, the Taurus Zodiart. What is his special ability?

Before engaging himself in battle, the Taurus Zodiart always request his opponents sign a contract. The losers are prohibited to interfere with the winner in any way.

The Taurus Zodiart is an avid golfer and the loser has to obey the winner's every command. He and Kamen Rider Meteor settles the fight, what else, in a game of golf.

Kamen Rider Meteor, Taurus Zodiart in a Golf Match
To prepare himself, Ryusei trains as hard as he can at golf. When transform, he uses the Meteor Storm Shaft as an improvised golf clubto play some golf. (Can this get any more absurd than this?)

But, the Virgo Zodiart starts attacking other Horoscopes. What is her (or his) motive for doing this move? Is she (or he) trying to eliminate them all for Gamou? Or she (or he) has her (or his) own plans?

Meanwhile, JK and Gentarou became really serious in becoming an Amanogawa student. Not only wearing the proper uniform, they also ended up as honor students! What happened to them?
via Henshin Justice Unlimited

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