Saturday, 12 May 2012

Soul Sacrifice Debut Trailer


Sony has released the first trailer for “Soul Sacrifice (ソウルサクリファイス)” an upcoming dark fantasy game for the PlayStation Vita. The trailer looks really awesome, and might be just the blockbuster game that PS Vita gamers are waiting for – which other game lets you pull out your spine and turn it into a huge sword.

Based on the trailer, it looks like a game that combines the elements of Monster Hunter and Demon Souls, two very popular gaming franchise. The game is being produced by producer Keiji Inafune and will feature four players co-operative gameplay.

Sacrifice is the key element for this game, and players must make a sacrifice in order to harness powerful spells and fight against monsters, and the greater the sacrifice, the stronger the spell. However, there is a catch where too much sacrifice might just kill you you, or you might just lose your sanity and turn into one of those monsters.

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