Sunday, 12 August 2012

Armor Hero 3 Announced!

Armor Hero is a Chinese tokusatsu series that originally premiered back in 2008 and featured Kamen Rider-ish heroes who relied on belts to transform. The original series even featured action choreography and direction from an action director on the early Metal Heroes shows from Toei. The shows came from a company that was pretty notorious for their rip offs of Japanese products, having already created a live action Beyblade style show as well as their own version of Sailor Moon. Armor Hero itself seemed to prove more popular than these other productions and found itself getting a sequel in the form of Armor Hero XT. This new show featured three new heroes and a fourth enemy in their own unique 60 episode series. There’s been little word on the future of the shows, but we can now confirm that there will definitely be a third Armor Hero show.
I’m not quite sure what the name is, but I’ve been told it can be read as Armor Hero W (铠甲勇士拿瓦), any confirmation on that name would be awesome. The series will start filming next month and is expected to run for 52 episodes. As was the case with the first two shows, all episodes will be filmed before the show goes to air. The filming registration also gave a brief story summary, hopefully this will satiate fans until more info is out!

The Story of Armor Hero W
Dr. Lee, along with the guidance of an evil demon, becomes intent on taking over the world by turning its population into his slaves. The evil doctor creates an airborne toxin that turns innocent and unsuspecting people into fierce monsters that wreck havoc on society. Scientist Keguo Long uses the four forces of nature to create armors deriving their powers from water, air, earth, and fire. Long creates the Molten Flame Armor, Tsunami Armor, Mad Hurricane Armor, and the Ray Armor to fight against Dr. Lee’s creations. The four armors are given to brave men up to the task of not only defeating these monsters, but healing the people infected by the toxin as well.


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