Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tamashii Nations AKIBA Showroom & Sunrise Festival 2012 Report


 At Akihabara Station JR, and "TAMASHII NATIONS AKIBA showroom" has been held at all times Bandai Collector's Division, had been held from July 28 to "dashing Sunrise Festival 2012", the Super Robot Chogokin
Dared coverage groupie! Delivery is perfect for hot summer, the latest hot item!

Put the silver wings of hope, of peace Tomose green light!
Limited Express released today Mightgaine hero, as on time! !

Main exhibition at the time of 8/1, "Migthgaine Fri Spa" also referred to the storm!
Sprinkled with examples of using the "Trident" stage of initial award, during the period also
AKIBA showroom had been dyed solid Fri Spa!

"United front" theme Alteisen and Weiss Ritter, & God in Reideen Reideen! It is also possible to exhibit side by side or next to, of high or low with the top and bottom.

"Confrontation" with "electric 凰牙 & child!" Also supports this landscape composition, such as kick pause if you open eyes full of left and right arm.

Gaogaigar is "Hammer Connect" on both sides, ultra-effects dragon parts
Reproduce the gimmick in the play of "Symmetrical docking" taking advantage of the three arms!

"Set" in the exhibition and more than one! Fri spa Sentai series here is a large collection!
Pedestal and body are two of four pre-launch, exhibitions at home and so powerful!

"Co-star" theme of the exhibition this ultra volume name!
Our super robot that appeared in the series "Super Robot Wars" game is a dream co-star in the action figure in excess of even the media age!.

Sunrise Festival 2012 dashingly

At his feet, every summer the annual meeting of Sunrise screening work was carried out in Shinjuku and
Sunrise Festival 2012 dashingly also went to!
I went to take paid holiday to 8 times / 1 "Gaogaigar" in private bluntly.

I sign the panel also approved by the Director valley of rice "Gaogaigar"!
Director Ryosuke Takahashi, such as the "Bottoms", is a member Oh yeah barrel.

The venue during the period, exhibit a number of items related to Films in cooperation with other companies like Bandai Collector's Division! Is also a new "Gold Spa" Of course ...! ?


In accepting orders in the "web" soul, black Maitogain of this rumor!
According to the screening times of Sanfesu hero, now arriving on time as the black habit!

From "Maitogain" is not only reform of the color rings, molding parts new parts!
I want to decorate This is in conjunction with the "Maitogain" released soon soon.

From "Gaogaigar" I had been together and decorated the venue Sanfesu
Order of task force members GGG Big Room to a meeting!

Up to Chan piggy ice dragon, dragon fire, dragon wind, thunder dragon, Goldie, Borufoggu, and microphone, display in a format spa Fri strongest brave robo corps GGG is proud!
This is a big order every diorama room, I want absolutely everyone!

Robo our emotional hero, feeling lively and is transmitted.
I is not sit down without standing Borufoggu What, from the small size that you mention it.

What is amazing what, and part of Goldie 's hammer is not being properly re-built to be as "Goldie as the character" from the "set the key to victory" of pre-release ...!
It 's a cute super-deformed It looks like it'll be a microphone here also!

Sun was also one that you enjoy the Super Robot, gold spa. Ultra-tension went up!

Source: Akiba Showroom

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