Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard’s Magical Rings and Animals!


 Kamen Rider Wizard’s uses magical rings to fight with various types of magic. These magical rings, Wizard Rings, are also able to summon mystical animals.
With the WizarSwordGun, Wizard perform two special attacks in its two different modes. Shooting Strike, in the gun mode Wizard is able to fireballs at a super speed, and Slash Strike. The effect on Slash Strike is different depending on Wizard’s current style.
 In Water Style, water forms around the sword and he’s able to control the water.
While in Hurricane Style, a layer of wind surrounds the sword and Wizard is able to slash with the wind.
If Wizard uses the Defense Ring, a shielding wall will appear. However, if Wizard is in the Land Style, the wall will be made from the earth. The Liquid Ring lets Wizard turn into water if he’s in the Water Style.

The Sleep Ring causes whoever is wearing the ring to fall into deep sleep. The Light Ring creates a shining light, helping Wizard to see in the dark. The Bind Ring lets Wizard use a strong chain to bind his enemies, and the Small Ring allows Wizard to shrink in size.
By inserting certain rings, Wizard can call help from PlaMonsters. The Red Garuda, Blue Unicorn and Yellow Kraken. They all help Wizard find his enemies in different ways.  
The Red Garuda flies around searching for the enemy from above, the Blue Unicorn runs at an extreme speed to chase after the enemy and the Yellow Kraken is able to submerge under water.
By using the Dragon Rise Ring, Wizard can summon the WizarDragon. He’s also able to combine it with his bike and turn it into Winger WizarDragon.

Source: DecaEnd of HJU

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