Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim: DX Genesis Driver & DX Sonic Arrow Official Image

The new year has arrived, Hello 2014 and hello new DX toys from Bandai.  The upgrade Melon rider will make its appearance soon on TV and now the DX belt is available for your grabbing. DX Genesis Driver will include the "Driver" and Energy Melon Lcock Seed  (E.L.S), it will cost around 6,300 Yen.

For the DX Sonic Arrow it will include with the Arrow and the Energy Lemon Lock Seed, It will cost around 5,460 Yen. Cherry & Peach Energy Lock Seed Sold Seperately.





AC07 Kamen Rider Gridon & Dendelion Liner Set -  4,000 Yen

DX Cherry Energy Lock Seed 1,800 Yen 

Source: P-Bandai 

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