Monday, 30 December 2013

Kamen Rider Gaim: More New Toys Arriving Next Year

By next year new toys for Kamen Rider Gaim series will be in stores, The recent toy fair has shown quite a lot of whats coming in Next Year. The Durian rider will be receiving a ACPB treatment like Blood Orange 

For Kamen Rider Ornac fans, he will be arriving next year in a set with Dendeliner Lock Vehicle. A preview of up coming Lock Seed such as Blade, Momotaros, Kabuto and OOO Tajadol are spotted as well including a Metalic Shiny repaint on Mango & Kiwi Lock Seed.

Also spotted are the upcoming weapons and henshin device for E.L.S Riders. They were Energy Peach & Cherry Lock Seed, DX Genesis Driver and the Arrow. I am hoping for the Roulette Battle lock seed set to be release world wide and for Kabuto fans a Complete Selection Modification belt has been teased to be release next year!.

Source: Taghobby

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