Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce: Ranger Keys in Season 2 "Super Megaforce"


 We haven't covered a lot of the speculation and rumors surrounding the 20th Anniversary of Power Rangers in the upcoming series Power Rangers Megaforce, but seeing as it's a bit of a slow news week, we decided to round up some of the information floating around out there to share with our loyal readers and viewers here.

Thanks to our good friend Fury Diamond of RangerCrew, we do have some tidbits of information that he has been able to confirm through his inside and very reliable sources. So without further wait, here you go!

The name of the high school our new teenagers with attitude will be attending has not been revealed, but we do know that the initials of the high school will be HCH. Obviously, the last letter will probably stand for "High" (as in "High School" like "Angel Grove High" was "AGH") but what could the rest stand for?

There's been casting sheets and calls for a Silver Ranger. While there has been no confirmation on whether or not there will be any use of the Gokaiger costumes, we do know that the Goseiger costumes, which Megaforce uses, will be carried over and used for Season 2 or "Super Megaforce". Speculation is running rampant that Gokai Silver will in fact be the Silver Ranger.

The biggest question on everyone's mind is whether or not the key (no pun intended) to the Gokaigers transformation, the Ranger Keys, will be used at all in Power Rangers Megaforce. Our friend Fury Diamond has confirmed that YES, Ranger Keys will be utilized somehow in the second season of Power Rangers Megaforce. The obvious conclusion is that Gokai Silver/Silver Ranger will use these keys, but that's simply speculation for now.

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