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S.H.Figuarts Genocider Review


The most expensive S.H.Figuarts toy line (Same price as Itshaar Robo) Genocider!
Genocider came in with a DX toys kinda packaging. It doesn't have a transculent window.

The figure includes with 3 stand, bendable stand joints, Genocider Black hole stomach and also 3 advent cards.

The 3 Advent Cards are, Unite Vent, Advent (Genocider) and Final Vent. Each of the stand are printed a symbol the of  Kamen Rider, Raia, Gai & Ouja logo/emblem.

Let's start of with Venosnaker. Venosnaker is painted purple metali paint, it's much more diffrent then the EX figure series.

Swing head portion with some articulation , you can open and close the mouth up and down.
Eyes are painted in metallic yellow have also been reproduced in another part tongue

Next is the movable fin to the image. Fin-like parts are painfully sharp.
Detail on the side of the fuselage is reproduced in chitin rather than the seal and paint.
It also have advance this area as well than the EX series to a three-dimensional mold.

Side-by-side coparision with Ouja.
It takes a shine to the more heinous because it perfectly sharp large, also the magnitude fin.

Estimated number, the saber tail is removable as well. Easy to put poses some are pointed at the fullest part of the holding force of the section as well.

After the death of Kamen Rider Raia, Evildiver was to be causative to Kamen Rider Ouja .
Flashy paint Green eyes and red metallic shades to match the SHF also have been made.

Completely new shape, neither of it divert apart. Eyes are painted in Metallic Green mold line.
Other possible swing, tail whip and a connection can be have to the whip hand by removing the top and bottom.

How is it the natural bending of the fin, has been shaped in line to feel more organisms like a real Manta ray.
It is made ​​of ABS may lightly almost effortlessly also be the spacing in the joint if you use the supplied stand.

As you can see, the S.H.Figuarts version is slightly bigger than the EX version. The colour even looks diffrent. From purple magenta to pinkish magenta. Unlike the S.H.Figuarts version, the EX series fin abit harder.

Up next is Metalgelas. Metalgelas body is painted silver just like Gokai Silver anf the rubber effect on it's rhino skin does look realistic

The body head is made out of PVC

It is necessary to install the parts, You can use the handle and remove the metal horn as well as other weapons.

Suprisingly the finger of this figure has some ball articulation joints. It's not like the EX version at all, the EX version are mold together with the hands.

This joint is built like a normal human type figure, and finished well to things that move the knee or ankle. 
It get about easily dropped if waist pose is not only hip joints. I am happy because this previous work such as the knee was fixed.

Compare to the EX version, the S.H.Figuarts are more bigger and more detail paint than the EX version. As you can see on EX Metalgelas finger, it is mold together with it's hand. The horn articulation are slightly diffrent, the SHF version can at least almost reaching 90 degrees.

Let's move on to part 2


To create Genocider, the Contract Beast must be combined in the Unite Vent.
Gimmick similar coalescence are incorporated even SHF.
Remove the head of Metalgelas First, exposed joint. Then unite it with Venosnaker with the cover removed.

Expose the joint Mash 180 degrees back and pin it.
 The buried the body of Venosnaker is pushed before the chest.

Next, connect Evildiver on the back of Metalgelas. There is a small black joint connect it there.

Congratulations, you have combine into Genocider. The Head piece followed the snake head because it it the base connector and also the Metalgelas head doed not have any other articulation.

Three-body force is overwhelmingly large monster in its own way because the union.
Have well-organized as well because there is a volume of Metalgelas style, without any strong impression it strangely looks thin.

Head was covered with a horn on the head of the Venosnaker.
It is a connection that can not be considered strange hole in the joint mechanism is locked and defeat the angle covered sports Innovation.

Too hard to fit into a vertical photograph because larger anyway.
I was able to hold tightly without departing the joint union connection method is simple just plug in the pin.


Neck and tail articulation movement, are just like Venosnaker.
That the greater the action than before merging.

Final Vent!,Domesday reproduction parts are optional.
The chest armor can be replaced in every appearance. Chest armor is broken through, black hole appeared. That can be consider as a Final Vent effect set.

It was more than convinced for the price to at 10,500 Yen and limited as well. S.H.Figuarts nowdays quite expensive, especially Tamashii web exclusive. It is finished with a strong presence in Miramont overwhelming anyhow.

Coating can be finished in metallic paint that matches the figuarts, It also have evolved significantly and style unity. Metalgelas significantly increases more articulation parts, It does feel free to play and move on without losing weight even with Genocider.

It was a surprised at the finish than expected to be had to imagine something more simple honesty.
I hope the other contract beast that will be release will have an upgrade articulation from the EX series.

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