Monday, 14 January 2013

Miku Miku Dance Program Gets an Anime!?


In this week's helping "How in the world did this get approved?" news, it seems there's a new anime on the horizon. Given an opening date of February 6th, it's on a rather close horizon, to boot. Its title? Straight Title: Robot Anime. Well, I guess that tells us what it's going to be about, then. Further details include a seven thousand year-long civil war waged by robots long after humanity has gone extinct, and a group of youngster-bots standing up to ending the endless fighting.

Weirder than the title, though, is its big hook. And no, I don't mean the big, hook-like weapon that one of the robots wields, but its marketing hook, that all the robots and fight scenes will be animated using MikuMikuDance, a freeware 3D animation program that gained notoriety as a vehicle for Japanese nerds to animate everything from their favorite Vocaloid songs to, well, make a robot anime titled "Robot Anime" airing this February.

At this point the big question is whether or not MikuMikuDance is up to the task as a resource. Given some of the great MMD-created videos I've seen over the years, I'd say it is. With the right amount of tweaking and polish, we could end up with some really cool-looking sequences, like the action-packed ones below.

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