Saturday, 15 June 2013

Cyborg 009-1 To Be Made into a Live Action Movie!


 ust recently, it was announced that Shotaro Shinomori’s manga turned anime Cyborg 009-1 will be getting the live action treatment.

The original manga tells the story of Mylene Hofuman, a female cyborg that also works as a secret agent. Mylene will be portrayed by actress Mayuki Iwasa.
The film is directed by Koichi Sakamoto. But he’s not the only familiar toku alumni that’s involved with this project. Numerous familiar faces will be making appearing in this film:

Minehiro Kinomoto (Kamen Rider Accel),
Mao Ichimichi (Gokai Yellow),
Nao Nagasawa (Hurricane Blue),
Shizuka Midorikawa (Noshiko from Kamen Rider W Returns: Eternal), Naoto Takenaka (Horror from Garo: Makai Senki)
Aya Sugimoto (Maria S. Cranberry),
Kazutoshi Yokoyama (Leo Zodiarts),
Tsukui Minami (Hopper Dopant)
and Hirotaro Honda (Space Raider)

The film is set to premiere August 7th in Japan

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