Tuesday, 25 June 2013

J-Stars Victory VS has two-on-two battles


The latest issue of V-Jump has new gameplay details on J-Stars Victory VS, Namco Bandai’s upcoming team action battle game for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

Here’s your bullet point summary:
  • Basic attack: the main part of battle. Combos begin with basic attacks.
  • Power attack: powerful when it hits. There is a skill that lets you gather power.
  • Range attack: lets you attack enemies over a wide area.
  • Basic battles are two-versus-two. Two characters on one team—one character is the player, the other character is the computer.
  • Players will battle two-versus-one if one teammate is knocked out, but the downed fighter will be revived in due time.
  • Depending on your team, the battle situation will change (such as for sky action, etcetera). Each character’s field of expertise varies.
  • You’ll win the battle when you manage to fill the WIN Gauge three times, which fills each time you knock out an opponent.
  • Namek is one of the playable stages.

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