Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy 'Warrior of Light' sees it


Square Enix has had fun with their Variants line. There's the DC lineup and then there's the intrigue of the original Final Fantasy. The first such figure we got to see was that of the Warrior of Light. While only being treated to the bare sculpts before, today a new image with the full paint job has emerged.
I'll speak for many here and say that this is the kind of paint job you'd want to see on a figure like this. Gloss isn't thrown lightly and it isn't a bad thing. The hues of blue fade nicely about the armor and the accents of gold and red puts the whole package together quite well.
With things shaping up nicely for the Warrior of Light, hopefully pre-orders and the full image gallery will come by shortly. If things go well, I'm sure you all will have some ideas as to what else should go into this Variants line.

Source: Cybe Gundam via Tomopop

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