Monday, 3 June 2013

MMZ Zero is most wanted Mega Man D-Arts (Fan Poll)


Back in April, we had Capcom's April-Fools-that-actually-wasn't, where they showed off four designs and said one would be made into a D-Arts figure. Ultimate Armor X was the one they'd picked, but the story of the other three "fake" designs doesn't end there.

Capcom Japan asked their fans which character they'd like to see as a D-Arts figure ... and the result wasn't even close. Zero-series Zero (one of the four from April Fools Day) won by nearly 2,000 votes over the closest competition, and I get the feeling that this one will be made into a figure now.

The other two "fakes" on April Fools Day — Roll and Iris — were third and fourth in the poll, respectively, only split by the surprise appearance of Mega Man in his Mega Man Legends look as number two.

1.) Zero (Mega Man Zero) (4985 votes)
2.) Mega Man/Rockman (Mega Man Legends) (3083 votes)
3.) Roll (2997 votes)
4.) Iris (2907 votes)
5.) Ciel (2659 votes)
6.) Mega Man X2 Armor ver. (2471 votes)
7.) Mega Man.EXE/Rockman.EXE (2431 votes)
8.) Copy X (2353 votes)
9.) Axel (2129 votes)
10.) Black Zero (2128 votes)
11.) Mega Man/Rockman (Hitoshi Ariga ver.) (1994 votes)
12.) Protoman/Blues (1777 votes)
13.) Servbot/Kobun (1519 votes)
14.) Vile's Ride Armor (1499 votes)
15.) Model X Mega Man (1292 votes)
16.) Metal Man (1255 votes)
17.) Mega Man/Rockman (Mega Man Star Force) (1016 votes)
18.) Protoman.EXE/Blues.EXE (892 votes)
19.) OVER-1 (760 votes)
20.) Mayl (740 votes)
21.) Lan Hikari/Hikari Netto (604 votes)
22.) Rush Jet (307 votes)
23.) Eddie (300 votes)
24.) Beat (248 votes)

Source: Rockman Unity

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