Thursday, 27 June 2013

Kyoryu Violet Officially Revealed!

 After months of rumor and speculation, new magazine scans have give us our first real look at the 9th Kyoryuger!

 Kyoryu Violet is indeed portrayed by series narrator Shigeru Chiba! His character's name is Doctor Ulshade, inventor of the GabRevolvers. Ulshade is accompanied by his granddaughter, who may be poised to take over his duties as a Kyoryuger.

 Violet's Voltasaur is a plesiosaur-inspired Mecha known as "Plezuon" which transforms to Robot Mode, referred to as "Plezu-Oh." When combined with Gabutyra and Bunpatchy, Plezuon creates Exploding KyoRyuJin!


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