Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Kirby Dress-Up Plushie Revealed

What Kirby fans wanted ever since the TV series aired, A Kirby PLUSH!. This isn't just any ordinary plush that you collect and play, It includes with a Sword Kirby & Microphone Kirby accessories which is swappable and poseable like Mr.Potato Head. These will cost 2,750 yen each.

 Once you have the Kirby plush, you can buy add-on "abilities" for him to wear. Those power-ups include Beam (with hat and wand), Bomb (with hat and bomb), Whip (with hat and whip), and finally Cutter (just the hat). Each of these add-ons cost ¥940.


 The Kirby plush measures 160 millimeters in diameter by itself. The accessories will add height and depth (not to mention, charm). All of these items will ship mid-November of this year.

Source: Tomopop

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