Thursday, 29 August 2013

Nintendo Download: Pokemon Rumble U + Shiny Garchomp Password


 For those of you in North America, Pokémon Rumble U is now available on the eShop for $18. This game is the latest in the Pokémon Rumble series and includes various new and returning features like multiplayer and NFC Figures, which are now for sale in Gamestop.

 Also, The next European Pokémon Rumble U password has been revealed. This password unlocks a special shiny Garchomp with the ability Gift, Power of 1000 and the moves Fire Fang and Dragon Claw. 

This Pokémon is unlocked by the password 46585756 and a Serperior with Frenzy Plant and Dragon Tail is released with the password 23740396. Finally, a special Chandelure is distributed with the moves Fire Blast and Shadow Ball with the password 86228367

Source: Destructoid

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