Saturday, 14 December 2013

Transformers Collectors Club: Generations Rattrap Revealed!

The Transformers Collector's Club has updated their website with the cover of their upcoming 54th issue, which will contain a "very revealing interview with Duane Capizzi from the Transformers: Prime series (including an exclusive coupon code for the Predacons Rising DVD), a two page spread featuring the G1 Predacons, two all-new MTMTE profiles and the final installment of BEAST WARS: Shattered Glass featuring a most epic conclusion, and a cameo appearance, that you won't want to miss!"

But that's not all! Most importantly this issue will reveal FOUR of the upcoming Generations toys and the cover of this issue reveals the first of the four: Generations Rattrap, who is portrayed in what is seemingly a hybrid design of his IDW and Beast Wars (Season One) appearances.

Source: Tomopop via TFW

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