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Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger Toy Catalogue Scans Revealed!

The Super Sentaiteam has been revealed. Instead of calling thier names by colours, the series Heroes will be called from Tokkyu 1-5. The design seemed a bit plain but we'll get used to it once the series air, Tokkyuger is one of the first sentai to use a Train yeah.... 

"2014's Super Sentai are trains...Ressha!! The locomotives, bullet trains, and steam trains which everybody admired when they were children. The theme of the 38th Super Sentai series is "Trains"! The Tokkyugers, along with the "Ressha", must protect the "Rainbow Line" railroad from the evil "Shadows". Imagining victory, these 5 heroes set off on their journey!"

First up is the TokkyuBlaster, a weapon used by all the Tokkyugers. It has two modes; the 'Uchimasu' Mode, which is a gun; and the sword 'Kirimasu' Mode. This comes with the Scope Ressha, which can be loaded into the weapon to power it up or form a scope arm for TokkyoOh.

Below that is the TokkyuBuckle. This provides a space for the Rainbow Pass to fit, although what purpose this serves is unknown. It is not however the transformation item as some earlier reports suggested. This comes with Shield Ressha, which can form a Shield Arm for TokkyuOh. 
This year's team cannon is the RenketsuBazooka, a combination of each of the Tokkyuger's individual weapons: the RailSlasher, the HomeTrigger, the TunnelAxe, the ShingouHammer (Signal), and the TekkyouClaw (bridge). When combined these form a 425mm long mini-track for the Energy Ressha to travel along, and then be shot out of. The Energy Ressha can combine with TokkyuOh, but doesn't look to form anything noticeable.

 The transformation item is the TokkyuChanger, a wrist based transformation item. The Ressha are placed in the Changer and a lever is lowered to facilitate the transformation. The transformation sound will be the name of the Tokkyuger, so for 1 it's "Tokkyu 1, Tokkyu 1". After this point different Ressha can be used to cause different "Transfer Transformations". The changer is compatible with all the Ressha and comes with just the Red Ressha.

 Also, on this page are two auxiliary Ressha. The first is Tank Ressha, a light blue train, which splits into two parts and attaches onto both of TokkyuOh's arms to from TokkyuOh Tank. This form fights with a boxing style.
The second is Car Carrier Ressha, the tiny little cars can drive up a ramp onto the carriage. This attaches onto one arm to form TokkyuOhCarCarrier, which fights by using the tiny cars and with "Car Energy".

The changer and robo will be available in the TokkyuOh and TokkyuChanger Set!

The gimmick for this year are the "Ressha", which are train carriages which are used in the weapons, changers etc. The "Ressha" are also components for the mecha and seem to mostly form additional arms. Ten different Ressha are shown on this page. Also detailed is an interesting concept called "Norikae Henshin" (literally "Transfer Transformation", "Transfermation"?). So when Tokkyu 1 uses the Green Ressha to transform, he will become Tokkyu 1 Green. A form that looks exactly like Tokkyu 4, but with a number 1 on the head and chest. It remains unknown what purpose this colour swapping feature, apart from being needlessly confusing, will serve.

 The Tokkyuger's mecha is TokkyuOh! It's component parts are Red Ressha, Blue Ressha, Yellow Ressha, Green Ressha, and Pink Ressha. There are 13 carriages in total, and when put into a line, it is 1.2m long, while the robot form stands at 275mm tall.

Source: Herotaku, Tokunation

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  1. This would be a great opportunity to have an official Orange ranger seeing that they're protecting a rainbow line and 4 out of 5 rangers are rainbow colours.