Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Ryujin Mabuyer Will Be Adapt In Malaysia

A surprise news that just pops up at our local television TV3 and I know many of our Malaysian Tokusatsu Fans were shocked about it too. According to the news Ryujin Mabuyer will be adapted into a Malay version and will be called Ryujin Juara ( Juara means champion). Not being SUBBED or Dubbed, Instead several scenes will added with some original made footage from the Malaysian production team. 

Some footage will be taken in Japan with Malaysian actors re-enacting several scenes including some fight scene. Kinda like MMPR Season 2 added scene where the Thunder Megazord & White Tigerzord destroyed and the rangers gain new powers and Zords for season 3. Not much was revealed during the press conference except a few Stage Fight and some of the producers officially launching the event.

So, How is your reaction? For me this is an exciting news, The series will be aired in 2014, on TV3 at 7:30PM and I hope this collaboration will last in the near future. 

About Ryujin Mabuyer:
Ryujin Mabuyer  is a Japanese tokusatsu television series. It is based on the adventures of a local hero of Okinawa Prefecture of the same name. The first season aired from 4 October 2008 to 27 December 2008 and a second season aired from 2 October 2010 to 25 December. A related series, Ryujin Mabuyerhas 13 episodes that aired from 17 October 2009 to 16 January 2010. A film based on the series, Ryujin Mabuyer The Movie Nanatsu no Mabui, was released on 7 January 2012.

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