Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Will Smith as Ultraman in a US Ultraman Movie?


 After 16 years of legal battles, the company Chaiyo (which many believe stole and forged documents to steal the rights to Ultraman) has beaten Tsuburaya (the original creators of Ultraman) in all courts, paving the way for Chaiyo to move forward with whatever Ultraman projects they'd like. And one of them appears to be a US movie for Ultraman.

According to Nuke The Fridge, Sompote Saengduenchai is in talks to create an Ultraman movie, very similar in style to the blockbuster Pacific Rim, and wants Will Smith to play the lead role as Ultraman. Their estimated target-release would be in 2016.

Source: Nuke The Fridge via Tokunation


  1. screw CHAIYO. I hope it never happens.

  2. Dafuq? Why you do this, Chaiyo?

  3. Chaiyo never won the court case! The final ruling was in 2008 by the supreme court and were in favour of Tsuburaya productions as the sole owner of Ultraman. Chaiyo lost. This information must be wrong.

    here is where it says Tsuburaya won the final case. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/2008/02/06/business/business_30064541.php

    1. In 2009, the court changed its mind and made Chiayo the winner. Read up your facts bro.

  4. i hope its happen

  5. chaiyo sucks dick

  6. the things will happen......

    if the movie is a sucess,chaiyo will take every ultraman from tsurbaray and produce them all.

    if the movie is a bomb,they will give back their ultraman rights or something back to tsubaray

    (question: why does chaiyo have rights to ultraman if tsubaray made ultraman ginga ?

  7. boycott the movie.