Saturday, 4 February 2012

Beet Buster & Stag Buster Revealed!

The next set of heroes to join the Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters team is finally here! The two new heroes are Beet Buster and Stag Buster which will debut sometime in the series. This is the first time we had gold and silver heroes as the two additional heroes for a once three-man Sentai team.

A human character transforms into the gold Beet Buster, while a new Buddyroid transforms into the silver Stag Buster. The duo transforms via the MorphinBlaster, a cell phone-to-gun weapon.

The weapon of choice is the "DriBlade" (drive + blade), a gold-and-silver sword that can turn into a steering wheel for the cockpit. A special Transpod will be released for the two new Busters. The mechas are still not yet revealed but based on the silhouette image, their mechas are a beetle and stag respectively. The mechas can combine with the Go-BusterAce or the Go-BusterOh.

Beet and Stag Buster will also have there own set of Ranger Keys

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