Monday, 13 February 2012

Vul Eagle Returns To Gokaiger in Final Episode!

 With the very last episode of Gokaiger looming and rumours of many actors appearing at the end to wave goodbye to the Space pirates, we now know for a fact that Vul Eagle will be returning once again.

  Takayuki Godai, Solar Sentai Sun Vulcans second Vul Eagle has confirmed on his blog that he will be once again be returning to Pirate Sentai Gokaiger. The preview picture shows the character on scene and holding what looks like Vul Eagles’ Ranger Key, opposed to his last appearance as a floating head figure granting the Gokaigers their Great Power. 

 Takayuki Godai won’t be the only actor returning, we know that Rescue Sentai GoGoFive’s Go Green and Secret Sentai Go Ranger’s Aka Ranger. Surely an episode not to be missed by an Sentai fan. 

Source: Tom of HJU

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