Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Digimon Xros Wars Digimon Hunter: Episode 74, 75 & 76 Summaries


Feb. 19th: ep. 74 (TH20): "The Rare Card Disappeared! The Unbeatable RookChessmon"
Feb. 26th: ep. 75 (TH21): "The Amusement Park of Dreams, Digimon Land!"
Mar. 4th: ep. 76 (TH22): "Golden Insect! The Mystery of MetalLifeKuwagamon"

Episode 74
>In order to get the first place in the tournament for a Card game called "Shi-monster", a boy named Hiroya wants to get a strong and rare card. KnightChessmon appears in front of him, and says he will make his wish come true. Meanwhile, Tagiru hears from the elementary school students that the rare card is stolen and got taken into a mysterious dimension. Tagiru can feel that it's a Digimon's doing, so he goes towards the assembly hall where the Shimonster tournament is hosted.

Episode 75:
>Incidents have been occuring with more than 50 children missing. Taiki and Yuu starts to investigate if this incident is Digimon related. Meanwhie, Tagiru has heard from female high school students rumors about Bakomon and the Digimon Land.

Episode 76:
>Students from Tagiru's Junior High School witness a golden Beetle on the hill behind their school, so alot of people go to the hill. Although Tagiru has no interest in insects, but after hearing Hideaki say that the disturbance is Digimon related, both of them go hunt for it. However, Tagiru's classmate Kaneda believes that Tagiru catches the Golden Beetle for money.

Source: 4chan/m/res

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