Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Re-Issue: DX Kamen Rider Decade & DX Kamen Rider W Belts

 Recently, there are news saying that Bandai will re-issue the 2 considerately popular Kamen Riders belts, the DX Decadriver and the DX Double Driver as a tie to the upcoming epic crossover with the Super Sentai series in, Super Hero Taisen this coming April. Both of them will have newer features in this released.
  DX Decadriver, The new version will include all 10 of the Final Attack Ride cards along with the 10 heisei riders Kamen Ride cards. The cards will be printed in a new plastic. No new additional sounds are confirmed yet. The belt may cost about 5,040yen. 

Kamen Rider W's transformation belt, DX Double Driver. The new version will come with 2 additional gaia memories along with the 4 current ones.It isn't confirmed though if the 2 additional memories are most likely be the Metal and Trigger memories, as those memories comes along with the Trigger Magnum and the Metal Shaft .The Double Driver will cost about 5,825yen.

The Re-Issue DX Belt will be releaseon April, 2012!

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