Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kamen Rider 2012 Rumors

 A person from 2ch named  ◆M4ApJwbK/w posted the next rumoured rider for 2013 rider TV series.
It says " The next concept is Tablets and Smart Phone" Kinda liek Kamen Rider Faiz. He is the same person who posted about Fourzes Cosmic Switch and Meteor Storm.
As which Decade is 10, Double is 2 becasue of the 2 in 1 rider, OOO is 3 becasue of its name with 3 O's, and Fourze is 4 or 40, Toei might trying to make the 5 resemblence with Faiz/555. Like Kame Rider Five's or thing s sort a like that. Remeber is still a rumour ^_^

Source: Gideon Buroguブログ, Orends: Range

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