Saturday, 1 September 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 2 Preview


Episode 2 Preivew:


 The instructions  Hikiawasu is to Kisaki National Security Division of the Bureau of zero, so get out of the case of the phantom Rinko was called to the chief room. I seem to not be publicly about the incident yet. Rinko pull away but can not hide the frustration, Kizaki says "It doesn't matter with you guys".

  A new phantom, Hellhound appeared. It attacked the children playing in the park. Flat Shun-youth believe in magic that happened by chance but desperately tries to protect the children, turned into a fine human wizard Masaya Shiraishi Falcons will appear there.
"Witch? Differents, the ring!?"
Instantaneously react to his voice flat. I would totally fascinated with vivid battle wizard.

It seems there is a gate of the children apparently. Sunny person that has released the makeover will try to find the children, there suddenly stood flat was instantaneous.
"I am, rather than try to say flat Shun disciple Nara, Look At me"

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