Monday, 29 July 2013

KyoryuRed Carnival Official Screenshots, New Deboos Comander & The next KyoryuViolet revealed!

Another round of magazine scans has surface giving us our first real look at King Daigo's powerup form, KyoryuRed Carnival! This special armor form is unlocked with a new weapon, the Gabutyra DeCarnival 

In addition, we have our first look at a new member of the Deboss Army: Endolf, the Knight of Regrets. 

Also A new image has surfaced online showcasing Yayoi Ulshade, granddaughter of the current KyoryuViolet, Doctor Ulshade,transforming into a female version of her grandfather's suit! Whether this will be in the near future or the next episode has yet to be seen. If Bandai would like to make our wallet cry, they will probably make both male & female version for the S.H.Figuarts.

Source: via Tokunation

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