Sunday, 21 July 2013

SDCC 013 Godzilla 2014 Film Info

The WB and Legendary Pictures panel/screening has just wrapped at SDCC 2013 and we have some serious news regarding theGodzilla 2014 film! Luke Y. Thompson of Topless Robot attended the screening and had this to say in regards to the Godzilla footage shown:

Roll teaser. Looks like they're playing up the nuclear aspect - lots of radiation suits, scared reaction shots, helicopters attacking...a giant spider monster thing? (Think the Acklay from Attack of the Clones). Then the giant foot comes into screen - Godzilla is ready to fight this sumbitch! We don't see his face, but the body looks just like the familiar one we all know. The battle is at night, though, so it's hard to judge if he's more green or gray.
So we've now got confirmation of at least one other monster, possibly more than one, for the film! Filming just wrapped up 2 days ago but it sounds like the movie is really shaping up and based on audience applause we won't be disappointed.

Source: via Tokunation

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