Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Do you want to still be part of this Gatchaman Crowd?

I just don't know what to think here. The official Gatchaman Crowds website has finally taken off the veil on Gatchaman information we've all been waiting for. Yeah... it's um, different. The originalGatchaman theme song is not going through my head as I see these surprising new shots of the team's suits.
We are now introduces to Hajime Ichinose, who looks to be the 16 year old main character of the story. Her suit has weapons all based on stationary goods. Is this a mecha enhanced Senjogahara? She looks more like she should be coming out of the AKB48 anime than an action movie, but hey, I'm keeping an open mind.

Next up is the veteran of the group, Sugane Tachibana. He looks kind of the leader of the group, perhaps the modern version of Ken. He's sporting some interesting looking kendo type suit, and can apparently control time and space. He looks kind of cool, but very different than I expected.
Finally we have Joe Hibiki, who I think we can safely assume is the modern version of our favorite bad boy, Condor Joe. Apparently he has the power to manipulate fire, and is sporting some huge gloves. Looking at him, he looks more like Optimus Prime than a sleek Super Science Ninja. Or, he might be a baseball umpire?
I'm going to approach this show with an open mind. I can't help but think Tiger and Bunny right away, but there's got to be some reason they decided to make this Gatchaman. This is a treasured and classic franchise, which I'm quite sure they don't want to just flush down the drain. So, I'm ready for you next week. Bring on some Gatchaman!

Source: via Capsule Computers

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