Wednesday, 24 July 2013

"Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle" Phantom Blood Dio Brando & Enrico Pucci Playable

Appeared in Part 1 "Phantom Blood" Dio Brando  Owner of personality ruthless intellectual. He was adopted by Joestar home from the fact that his father died in boyhood, but plan to take over the property of Joe star home for their own ambitions.

Frozen vaporization method 
damage of the technique is low, I want to freeze a certain period of time stunned the opponent. In addition, it can migrate to the blood-sucking hit & heal it's HP.The Heart Heat Attack 
is injected at a super-pressure fluid from the eye! It is a heart attack heat with excellent range of distance. For Final attack, After frozen whole body opponent by vaporization freezing method, and gives off a strong upper by beating continuously! The ground to shatter where the party you were floating in the air in the upper fell down!

Joining in with Dio is his friend Enrico Pucci. Enrico Pucci and his will be playable including C-Moon & Stair Way To Heaven/Made In Heaven. 

His White Snake stand has the ability to stole a memory or a stand disk making players several control unable to function. C-MOON has the ability to reverse the gravitational pull of an object to attack, to turn over inside and out. Stand evolved to reach a position where it can be reduced the most gravity, Stair Way To Heaven may not be possible to accelerate an infinite time, all organisms Pucci non keep up with acceleration of time.

 In Addtiona new stage has also been added. Kennedy Space Center, which appeared in the last of the story of 6 parts. The ability of C-MOON, gravity is working in a direction that is impossible and in the state where the object to fall horizontally. Besides that a stage gimmick for "The hall of Audio" has been shown. The falling chandelier and tossing out the enemy from the balcony woth the Great heart Heat Attack.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: all Star battle will be released on August 29, 2013

Source: Famitsu

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