Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kamen Rider Gaimu Fully Revealed! & DX Sengoku Driver Previewed!


 Here’s our first look at the Rider after Wizard: Kamen Rider Gaimu! 

Kamen Rider Gaimu transforms by using Lock Seeds and the Sengoku Driver, the Lock Seeds will be based on fruits

The red Rider that appears next to Gaimu appears to be a secondary Rider, rather then one of Gaimu’s alternate forms


 Aside from that, the first preview of the Sengoku Driver! 
This example is an unpainted factory sample, fully painted versions will start popping up anytime though.

We know that Gaimu transforms utilizing this belt and Lock Seeds, but much of Gaimu still remains a mystery. The first wave of Kamen Rider Gaimu merch is expected to hit in October.

Source: via Tokunation

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