Thursday, 1 August 2013

New Gaia Memory Complete Selection Set Additional Info Released

The New Gaia Memory complete slection is available for some additional info.
At the time, only memories from Kamen Rider W's novel were known to be included, but now the set will now contain over 99 Gaia Memories which were featured in W’s various films!

Memories from Kamen Rider W Returns, W & Decade Movie War, and the Gaia Memories of Fate will be featured in the set. in addition, six Gaia memories will remain a secret.

Additionally, the set will once again be releasing W’s main six Gaia memories. But what makes these memories different is that they will include LEDs and the buttons will be painted silver to make them more show accurate. In addition, the Heat and Trigger memories will be able to make the Twin Maximum sound effect.


Source: P-Bandai via Tokunation

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