Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Saban To Continue Nickelodeon Partnership Into 2016

In a recent press releaseSaban has announced that for better or for worse they’ll be continuing their successful current partnership with Nickelodeon into 2016. 

The President of Saban Brands Elie Dekl had this to say about the continued partnership: 

"Our partnership with Nickelodeon has been instrumental in maintaining the popularity of the Power Rangers brand and introducing the series to a new generation of kids. Furthermore, our Power Rangers partnership with Bandai has remained strong throughout the past two decades as they continue to develop new products that kids love around the world. We are thrilled to extend the agreements with both Bandai and Nickelodeon, and look forward to continuing these strong partnerships for years to come."

Source: 4-Traders via Tokunation

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